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Its not ThinkPhone but the Moto Edge 2022 has some excellent business prospects.

I’ve had access to a Moto Edge 2022 for a couple of months now and it provides an interesting proposition as a possible business use smartphone.

The Moto Edge 2022 does not come with the enterprise class features of the ThinkPhone, but it does have is a concise list features making it a good recommendation as a fleet phone for business.

- Slim, lightweight yet robust build (IP 52 rated)

- Long Battery Life (around 2 days)

- Very Clean version of Android

- High quality display 6.6 inch (144Mhz)

- Fingerprint reader

- Connect to external display

Dimensions : 160.9 x 74.2 x 8 mm

Weight: 170 g

In terms of practicality the phone is an easy to carry and pleasant to hold, its something users will carry in a pocket with ease.

The very clean Android installation means a stable reliable experience, and minimal apps needing remove for device security and compliance.

Screen quality is excellent for consuming work content such as emails and teams channels, or short term working with productivity tools like Word or Excel. Equally clarity is excellent for video calls and meetings.

In doing some testing I was able to use Remote Desktop from the phone and although the screen was too small for this to be useful long term, the clarity was excellent, usable short term and once connected to an external display and keyboard it became a quite functional setup.

If you were looking for a phone to issue as part of a fleet or to staff in general, I think the Moto Edge 2022 is a great option. Its an excellent price point, its well build, good battery life, reliable, more than enough performance and flexibility for a business user. Locked down and managed with Microsoft Endpoint manager or a similar MDM product it could provide a very uniform business solution.

If the ThinkPhone is built on the ethos behind this phone I have high expectations.

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Updated: Feb 6

Twitter Thread Associated to this review - Here.

“Dad my mouse sucks!!” was the cry that carried into my home office. I grabbed the Lenovo Go Wireless Mouse off my shelf. I’ve been meaning to try this for a while, but I use a TrackBall when I’m desk-bound and the TrackPoint and Touchscreen all other times.

The mouse is conservatively but securely packed, and popped out with ease. From opening to handling it feels like a professional grade peripheral.

So whats in the box?

  • Mouse

  • Receiver

  • Charging Cable

  • Warranty & Instructions.

Its a nice looking and feeling mouse. Its light weight and fits very nicely in the hand. Its got some excellent ergonomics as you would expect from Lenovo.

Connectivity is flexible. The Wireless mouse can be connected via accompanying receiver or two separate Bluetooth channels.

Bluetooth & receiver connection took seconds to perform or switch between. Felt like a very slick operation.

Through the Lenovo Go App, once connected the mouse has various settings and options that can be adjusted, such as programmable buttons, application specific settings and sensitivity.

Charging options are both wireless and wired (via USB-C). Charging seems quick. Reports of 15 minute fast charge giving 1 week of use.

You know something making this a truly "magic mouse"... you can actually use it while its charging! 😲🍏😉

Precision and accuracy experience with the mouse is excellent and it glides well on my desk. Feels like a comfortably light mouse to use. A real all day device. Very nice indeed.

Handing the mouse over to the despondent child, he took it and dived into game play with it. A couple of hours later I heard… “DAD! This mouse is cool!”

If you haven’t looked at the Lenovo Go accessories ecosystem, I highly recommend it.

Well done Lenovo this is another a winner.

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  • Writer's pictureDave Kennedy

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Here is my straightforward advice – If you read no further please take note of this:

Separate Microsoft 365 Global Admin permissions from day to day users.

If a user requires Global Admin permissions this should be granted through a second account secured with MFA used only for Admin Tasks and then logged back out.

DO NOT have Global Admin Permissions assigned to a user account used for day to day login and functionality. This is a Security Concern.

How can a compromised Global Admin User Account be used?

  • Change functional and security settings on its own account

  • Create additional user accounts

  • Add Licenses

  • Redirect email flow

  • Access All Data stored within an M365 service directly or grant permissions to it.

  • Run PowerShell commands and scripts against the tenant.

  • It can do anything at all within the Microsoft 365 Tenant up to and including closing it down.

Potential Compromise:

I have not researched how this could be done but while assisting a customer recently I conceived an attack such as the following could be possible.

An account even with MFA enabled could be compromised through an attack instigated with a Social Engineering or Phishing.

If a user that had global admin permissions is tricked into clicking on or running "something" which would run a PowerShell script to disable MFA for the user itself or something similar it make access easier for a nefarious party to then gain further access or functionality to the Microsoft 365 tenant.

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