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A Basic Tablet

I have a long haul flight and travel with my two young sons coming up in a few days so I took a quick look around for a cost effective but usable tablet to help keep them entertained.

Taking a browse around I found the Lenovo Tab E7. I located it on Amazon for under $70 (USD) it provided enough basic specs that I thought it was worth a closer look.


7" Screen


MediaTek MT8167 CPU

8GB Internal Storage

Android 8.1

2750mAh Battery.

Its not a super powered device but combined with a 32GB SD Card for storage its a nifty compact little means of entertainment for under $80 (USD).

On getting receipt of the tablet it took only a few minutes to setup once charged. Although initially slow to load it has worked for some of the kids favorite games such as Minecraft, Roblox and several Lego games. We haven't really put the battery life to the test yet but I intend to be carrying battery banks galore for travel anyway.

One little observation I made was, with the internal storage being so limited it is important to make sure where possible apps were installed on the SD Card. Even downloading larger games to install briefly became an issue when I left the tablet to its on devices on selecting where to install. This was quick to remedy and as long as we keep a couple of GB free on the internal storage downloading and installing additional apps has been no issue.

I'm very happy with this little tablet and have give consideration to getting another. I have no concerns its going to keep some little humans entertained and survive getting a peanut butter and jelly coating among other things and if it doesn't survive the price point makes it not a worrying loss.

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