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A Quick Review: Lenovo 500 Media Controller

I was recently given the chance to test out this very cool little wireless media controller. As simple as the Lenovo 500 Media Controller might look, it is anything but basic. I found myself actively looking for more things to do interact with our home computer just for the purpose of playing with the controller.

The keyboard surface is also a multi-finger, gesture supporting touchpad. It works amazingly well for navigation and tap to select. It has left and right buttons also but I found myself just taping the keyboard.

We have a Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny tucked behind our television for home entertainment. Setting up the 500 Media Controller with this compact Windows PC was literally as easy as plugging in the USB dongle and turning it on on the controller. Windows 10 detected it straight away and it worked immediately.

This little @Lenovo Media Controller is GREAT. It allows control just like having a handheld touchpad. Navigation, selection, pinch to zoom etc., combined with a nice feeling keyboard easy to use with two thumbs. I also discovered an added benefit to it being so small and discrete …. I can hide it and mess with the kids trying to watch netflix and movies. #ParentPower 🙂

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