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A Sleeper in the T Series ranks

I was just taking a quick browse through the ThinkPad T Series in to make a recommendation to someone who'd asked for a "Fairly powerful work horse" and noticed something standing out from the line up.

Often my "Go To" for similar requests is something from the Lenovo ThinkPad T Series. My recommendation has usually meant something like a T490 or T590 (or from the newest models of T14 or T15) capable of being specified with an i7 maxed out to 48GB and in some cases basic discrete graphics cards. These machines are well built, well tested, handle well above average user requirements and are generally a great all round machine.

However there is addition to the T Series line up. The T15g is far from ordinary with is options for Xeon CPUs, 128GB RAM, dual SSDs (allowing RAID1), 8GB GeForce discrete graphics cards and many almost workstation grade options.

(PSRef Page for T15g - Here)

This is a machine suitable for some serious graphical processing or computational work. Its performance more akin to a workstation. Its not ISV Certified but its more than capable of the performance required for CAD or other design work.

If you were looking for a ThinkPad that was very capable for gaming this would certainly have to be one of the front runners. Those GeForce graphics options will go a long way to getting some good quality gaming graphics running.

The hardware spec and performance nerd in me is salivating at the possibilities with the T15g.

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