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Adding external Windows Hello IR Camera

Getting end users to embrace increased security is often perceived by them as increasing their inconvenience of tasks they want to be quick, efficient and require minimal effort. Login and Authentication when accessing accessing a laptop or desktop is a prime example of this with the policies and restrictions we put in place to make passwords more secure. I've been on the look out for simple solutions to make the most of Windows Hello to help with this.

After less than 5 minutes with my hands on the Lenovo 500 FHD Webcam I can see it being ideal and something extremely useful to many and it will be implemented immediately into my daily use.

The box contains the camera on a monitor mount with a screw position for tripod attachment, a USB-C cable and basic setup and warranty information.

The setup process could not have been simpler. Simply plug it into the already turned on computer, which made the standard Windows hardware detected sounds. I tested opening the Windows 10 Camera app and could switch to the new camera.

Setting up Windows Hello was little if any more effort. I located Windows Hello configuration under "Accounts" and "Sign In Options" within Windows 10 settings. I noticed I could not not select Windows Hello IR Camera as an option. To address this I restarted my machine and returned to the same settings and found I could select IR camera and enter the setup wizard.

Once setup I immediately locked my computer and I was able to successfully glance at the camera and it unlocked the computer again. The response time was exceptionally fast.

I'm most impressed with how well Windows Hello coexists with Dynamic Lock, the feature that allows you to pair your computer to a Bluetooth enabled device such as your phone. When your phone leaves close proximity to your computer it is locked with 30 seconds. The resulting experience is that when I leave my desk my computer locks and when I return the most I need to do to login is tap a key to wake from standby and look at my camera and the process is very fast.

For personal or business purposes the Lenovo 500 FHD Webcam is well worth a look. Currently it is under $65 (CAD), it is no frills and is not accompanied by any fancy software. It's FHD quality is better than the native video performance on many built in webcams. Video quality was not my main goal with this selection and if I'm honest I could prefer it wasn't so clear as most of my video calls start from 5am and no matter how much caffeine has been consumed I'm not looking Full High Definition ready at that time of day.

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