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Ditch the annoyances on social media

Recently I was advising someone against the futile endeavor of arguing with conspiracy theorists and trolls even if they are related to you.

"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." - Mark Twain

Truthfully the person I was speaking with knew it was better not to engage but were having difficulty not fighting the good fight with a select few nemeses. There is an element of continuing to respond to these annoying few that had not been considered and it seems lots of people are overlooking.

Vast amounts of content is posted on Facebook every minute of every day by your various friends and family. What you see is sorted, filtered, and organized into what is calculated to be what you "want" to see. The more you engage with someone on Facebook the more the Facebook algorithm thinks you want to see what that person has to say and it will keep showing you that person's posts.

This is wonderful if your cousin has a new puppy and you are thrilled to see the latest photos and like and comment on them. Its a whole lot less awesome if you start to trying to educate that douche-nozzle you met through a friend of a friend who's views on the world are flat earth level crazy.

  • Don't engage with the Crazies.

  • Block them or mute them if you can't totally disconnect.

  • Remove them from your time line and free up space for things you do want to see.

  • Enjoy Social Media again till the next crazy pops up and repeat the process.

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