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Impressed! - Lenovo Go Wireless ANC Headset

I have been waiting a very long time to get my hands on the Lenovo Go Wireless ANC Headset and had very high hopes, I was not disappointed in the least. From packaging to user experience I'm extremely impressed with all aspects.

I like the minimalist but effective packaging. Its exactly what is needed and no more to get the headset to you and provide picture instruction.

Keen to give the headset a test drive and I have it 10 to 20 mins charge out of the box and it reported 12 hour battery life.

Build quality, materials, are all excellent and looks and feels like a professional durable device with well placed intuitive controls.

Setting up was extremely quick. It paired quickly with Windows Bluetooth, but using the accompanying dongle brought more options and increased control with the Lenovo Go Accessories App.

The headset is lightweight and comfortable, it was no problem to wear for most of my entire work day. It was on my head for most of 8 hours and caused no discomfort. Sound quality was excellent and there was no lag sound from calls or media.

There are a number of cool little features like the indicator light on the USB receiver. Normal connection & audio playback on the receiver is indicated by a blue light. A

Microsoft Teams call or conference connection is indicated by purple.

The only downside I have found to the headset of note is that it dampens background sound so well, 3 unexpected visits to my office by family members triggered fight of flight response and a need to add a lock to my office door!!

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