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Lenovo USB-C Power Bank

I have been playing with a new laptop accessory I recently purchased. I can’t recommend it highly enough for people who travel long haul or have extended periods away from power.

The Lenovo USB-C Laptop PowerBank 14000mAh is compact & comes with cables to allow it to provide extra juice to machines with either rectangle or USB-C power connectors.

Connections for USB-C and Slim-tip laptops via dongle + 2 USB

Fast Charge (2 hours to full charge)

Output up to 20v 45W

Weighs - 290g

This Power Bank can charge a laptop and standard USB devices simultaneously, while also being charged itself. Charge can be made with a standard laptop power supply. This seemingly small feature should not be understated as it means you can reduce the number of power bricks you carry by one or more.

My main reason for purchasing the Lenovo USB-C Laptop Power Bank was to upgrade my Passage Backpack. Plugging in a few wires I can set it up to be able to charge both a laptop being carried and an external USB device.

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