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Moto Edge 2022 - a business smartphone?

Its not ThinkPhone but the Moto Edge 2022 has some excellent business prospects.

I’ve had access to a Moto Edge 2022 for a couple of months now and it provides an interesting proposition as a possible business use smartphone.

The Moto Edge 2022 does not come with the enterprise class features of the ThinkPhone, but it does have is a concise list features making it a good recommendation as a fleet phone for business.

- Slim, lightweight yet robust build (IP 52 rated)

- Long Battery Life (around 2 days)

- Very Clean version of Android

- High quality display 6.6 inch (144Mhz)

- Fingerprint reader

- Connect to external display

Dimensions : 160.9 x 74.2 x 8 mm

Weight: 170 g

In terms of practicality the phone is an easy to carry and pleasant to hold, its something users will carry in a pocket with ease.

The very clean Android installation means a stable reliable experience, and minimal apps needing remove for device security and compliance.

Screen quality is excellent for consuming work content such as emails and teams channels, or short term working with productivity tools like Word or Excel. Equally clarity is excellent for video calls and meetings.

In doing some testing I was able to use Remote Desktop from the phone and although the screen was too small for this to be useful long term, the clarity was excellent, usable short term and once connected to an external display and keyboard it became a quite functional setup.

If you were looking for a phone to issue as part of a fleet or to staff in general, I think the Moto Edge 2022 is a great option. Its an excellent price point, its well build, good battery life, reliable, more than enough performance and flexibility for a business user. Locked down and managed with Microsoft Endpoint manager or a similar MDM product it could provide a very uniform business solution.

If the ThinkPhone is built on the ethos behind this phone I have high expectations.

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