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No words, a diary of no voice.

"Day 1 "Interesting" morning so far, a quick surgery and now 7 days of no speaking .... So yeah... There's that 🤐 - Also rumors started by my wife that I'm having my first round of gender reassignment surgery are not true!"

"Day 2 of not speaking: Yesterday I learned I suck at miming, it is important to keep a writing method with me at all times and that I can scribble faster than I can thumb type on a phone keyboard. Today my goals are my first solid food in 36 hours and to master the emphatic eye role. #recovery"

"Day 3 of not speaking: Yesterday I got a real idea of involuntary noises we all make to acknowledge other people and general day to day activities. These sounds sting and are to be avoided! Today I realize giving up caffeine was a mistake and I'm back to work with no speech but aiming to productively typing to communicate"

"Day 4 of no voice. Yesterday I got to practice the universal language of point for our children with reasonable success. Today's lofty goal is finding good ways of attracting their attention from a distance."

"Day 5 of no voice: Slip ups and accidentally making vocal sounds have been kept to a minimum. My mime skills are not improving but my ability to flail my arms wildly is first class. #TheStruggleIsReal"

"Day 6 of no voice. Our children are a constant test. Popping involuntary questions on all topics and opinions relentlessly and sometimes just to see if I will try and answer! Also I'm beginning to suspect my wife is purposefully mistranslating some of my communications"

"Day 7 of no voice. Consider this. How do you attract the attention of someone who is not facing you when you can't use your voice and apparently throwing objects is likely to offend. Also writing emphatically is not the same as shouting no matter how emphatic you are!"

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