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Not buying into the solution of a 200 Million Year old problem.

I'm standing here this afternoon doing some study and cross referencing some information from tech videos on YouTube. Obviously I'm running the gauntlet of pre-video adverts and one catches my attention with such an outlandish line of utter nonsense it stopped me in my tracks.

"... found the solution to a 200 million year problem..."

WHAT? "Humans" as we know them have only been kicking about for around 200,000 years? Has someone got a comma in the wrong place?

The video has my attention (Not for the good), its talking about solutions to solving the "problem" of mosquitos.

Well this sends me on a 5 minute tangent that is a great example of some of the absolute and utter rubbish being advertised on YouTube.

The video itself is clearly made of bought stock footage with a voice over.

The link to the site which I checked for "Legitimacy" before typing it into a browser gets a trustworthy score of 23 out of 100.

The website itself looks exceptionally like a drop ship website and is not branded the same as the URL, but we do finally get a glimpse of the amazing new product itself.

A product they are selling for the 50% discount of $39.99 each. The images also allow us to then take a quick look on AliExpress where we discover we can find these amazing new products built to a price without branding or marketing for MUCH cheaper.

I have no moral or conclusion to this post only, a wish YouTube had a better means of filtering out advertising that would not I think be legally allowed on Television.

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