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Tablets as a general Remote Work Device

I blogged recently (here) about Smartphones not being an ideal remote work device. While the functionality for most aspects of remote access to business systems is there, their is often not practical.

Small Android tablets, and iPads provide many options for devices which have very similar functionality to a Smartphone but with a larger screen. Does this mean they are as impractical for general remote work?

I would say while they might not be perfect, they do provide a more practical / workable options depending on the device.

iPad from the last few years and many of the mid and top tier Android or Chrome tablets have as much if not more processing power than a smartphone and have an equally broad set of work related apps. So why might they be more practical for this purpose?

While some of the same challenges are presented in terms of remote support and centralised management, the ability for a user to handle and work on multiple tasks at once is made much easier. Many current tablets are able to split screen as well as sometimes transmit tasks to an external display while maintaining other tasks on their own screen. Used in conjunction with a smartphone this means communication tasks such as audio, video and instant messaging can be carried out on the phone while productivity tasks can be performed on the tablet

A good example would be:

The soon to be released in Canada, Lenovo Chromebook Duet tablet. Its a 10" tablet, but the screen brightness and resolution make productivity tasks much easier manage than a smartphone. Additionally it has a USB-C Port which can be used to connect an external display. The tablet is priced from $279 (USD) making it a reasonable price for a companion device.

I have other device suggestions that would be my preferred overall options for broad implementation with a user base, but tablets such as this Chromebook Duert would be much more practical than smartphones as remote work devices.

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