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ThinkBook - Business Grade or Consumer Grade

In May this year Lenovo announced a new brand to their Laptop lineup. ThinkBook is positioned between consumer line products like Ideapad and true business / enterprise class products such as ThinkPad.

Currently ThinkBook has two models available a selection of regions.

ThinkBook 13s

ThinkBook 14s

ThinkBook targets three main areas which make the brand more suitable for business use than general consumer machines.

I haven't taken a ThinkBook for a test drive yet but I have had the opportunity grab 5 minutes hands on to make some observations of the ThinkBook 13s

- It feels well built. The case is I think aluminium with a good sold feel to it. It not in the slightest fragile. - Although Solid and durable it does not have some of the design / durability features such as the drain hole from ThinkPads. Don't think it would pass MilSpec but would certainly handle rough end users no trouble. - Keyboard press feels a little light and on the softer side. I would say it has more travel than the the likes of the Yoga 910 keyboard but does not give nearly as much feedback as a ThinkPad keyboard. Not an unpleasant keyboard by any means and does not feel fragile.

- Power Button is also the finger print reader. This is a nice touch. - Charging connector is the standard rectangular Lenovo plug (rather than USB-C) and there appears no USB-C charge option. - Display on the unit I looked at was struggling a little in bright day (bright midday clear skies bright) light but still usable. - Opens a fill 180 degrees - Hinges feel very robust and no hint of shift or slop. They look and feel steel rather than aluminium.

My initial impression from a physical durability point of view is that I would certainly recommend it as a business grade machines to customers. It feels more business class than other IdeaPads and Yoga machines. Its not a machine I'd be concerned careless users would damage easily.

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