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You have a Huawei phone?

The last 24 hours have been a flurry of information about Huawei being "...banned by Google".

As a Huawei phone user myself I took a keen interest and I've broken down some quick bullet points below.

Will your Huawei phone stop working or lose services?

The short answer is no. Your phone will continue to function as it has been and will continue to get security updates and have access to the Google Play Store. Information from Google / Android states...

Will new Huawei phone get access to Google Services

In instance the short answer is yes. Access to the Google Play Store and Apps such as YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps are likely to be impacted but Huawei are working on an alternative ecosystem.

The cause behind Google being forced to do this is Huawei being added to a list of "Entities" US Companies are not allowed to deal with during the current trade negotiations and escalations between the USA and China.

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